Strange Rituals

Every day, at hundreds of thousands of software development companies across the world, a number of bizarre and secret rituals take place. Outsiders are rarely told of these obscure practises, because they'd fall over laughing once they realised their legs weren't being pulled.

Supplicants ritually stand up from their chairs, huddle together and intone unenthusiastically what they did yesterday, and what they're going to do today. The master of this ceremony will then ask, seriously, "is anyone blocked?", and all bring the benediction to an end by saying the word "no". Everyone sits down again.

Elsewhere, groups of developers shuffle determinedly into inquisitions that often run for hours. Here, the master will read out a particular piece of scripture, and all present must divine the difficulty of said reading in esoteric "story points", which bear little relation to the ordinary integers that you or I might now. But should one of the supplicants guess wrongly, either too high or too low, they are subjected to rigorous questioning on their heresy, and will often recant their guess to match the orthodox guess. From these guesses, the priests will be able to foretell the work of the coming fortnight.

Elsewhere, ordinary index cards will be solemnly moved between squares inscribed on a wall. Everything here has meaning - the position of their cards, and even their colour. Coloured stickers are sometimes placed on the cards, themselves rich with further meaning to the initiated. 

I am, of course, exaggerating the above, but not by a whole lot.