The Dart Is Thrown. Destination: Denkanikottai, Tamil Nadu, India

As noted previously, I’ve thrown a virtual dart against a virtual map to decide where to travel next. After discarding several throws into the various oceans (Rule 1), a throw into deepest Siberia (Rule 3), and one into Western Australia (Rule 4), the Fates in their incarnation as a Javascript random number generator have selected my destination: Denkanikottai, Tamil Nadu, India.

So I’ve booked my flights, and on September 16, I’ll be arriving in Bangalore (after a 1-day stopover in Doha, Qatar) on QR226, and I’ll have 7 days to make the 500km trip – including the excursion to that point in a field just south of Denkanikottai – to Chennai, whence I fly home to London on September 23.